Tuesday, August 29, 2006

my poor peanut &butter was behaving strangely,
keep scratching here and there
so i brought them to Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital.

and omg! they've got LICE!
my darling babies got lice! T-T
and Ms. Vet a.k.a Dr Pauline said that
my baby peanut is abit too skinny!

oh noooooo!

we ended up with like 4 kinds of medication.
awww, my poor babies.
they hate those horrible tasting thing
hmmm, at least the smell is horrible so i assume it taste horrible too
then everyday i'll have to force my baby peanut to take her supplement drops
try to bluff my way through by squeezing the
healthy digestion tract gel on fresh veggie and try to trick them into eating it.

it worked for the first feww times okay!
i thought they were so gullible..
BUT NO! after afew times they become really clever!
they wouldn't even lick the veggie, not say eat it!
making me so pek chek lah!

btw, i bom-bom-ed for my both furballs for the 1st time
so cute! babybutter was terrified that the water might flood her
she got all scared and started scratching my wrist!
got blood okay! so painful leh got scratch marks somemore!
they're scared of the hair dryer! how cute!

look! my babies are squeakly clean!

fancy such an old boy playing with a disgusting mussel!

GASP! where are they?!




Friday, August 18, 2006

sorry guys! haven't been updating for soooooo long!
last week we went to sentosa!
we had lots of fun, hehee
and of cos, i took my chance to tease my "scaredy-cat" darling too!
he's scared of heights! hehee so cute right?

see darling! i'm not scared! soooo, DON'T BE!

see, we took a picture with that MERLION!

the 4Dmagix was hilarious!
the frigging water spraying part was super funny,
everyone was like so shocked.
but i don't like the air-con AT ALL!

my SEXAY! look at those bulging muscles, WEE-WEET!

kiss me kiss me! look at my cocky face! &my sweet baby ((:


yes flor, i lovvveeee irritating you. hehee.

btw, my o'lvl english oral wasn't so bad.
i was frigging nervous!

dennis : relax relax relax!

fidel: cannot luhh! i feel like peeing!
even my neck's aching from being so nervous!

dennis: walao! then go poly you die le loh! presentation how?

fidel: argh! buitahan!

but in the end it wasn't so bad lah.
hehee PHEW!

i finally met up with my bestie, jeline today!
i miss her so muchhhhhh!
went to pepperlunch for dinner,
then went to buy hay for my babies!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

i'm sooooo bored !
fell ill and had to stay at home for 2 days, zZz
so sway! yesterday after applying foundation i left it on my dresser
then "zoom!" my hands swept pass it and PIANG!
it dropped on the floor and cracked into two pieces,
such a pity. i haven't even finish using 1 quarter of it.
tonight i'm having hokkaido hotpot with darling at paradise centre!
yeepee! it looks totally yummy luhh!

jx was pretty cranky ytd, right? half shit-head?

btw! i've got a new friend to accompany my babypeanut!

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my sweetie pies.

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awww! sniff sniff sniff!

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toy time!

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i'm going to sentosa with darling tmr!